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I published the Episode 5 Recap under drama recaps! ^^

I’ll add more screen caps tomorrow.


Edit: The recap is now fully ready with screen caps and edits.


Episode 5 Recap Teaser

I’m hoping to have episode 5 out by the end of the weekend… in the meantime, this is definitely an episode to be excited about!
ISWAK definitely gains some forward momentum in this episode. I find myself starting to squee now that Zhi Shu has started taking an active interest in Xiang Qin. Zhi Shu has an enigmatic personality – he shows very little external emotion, aside from smug annoyance. Events in this episode cause emotions to shift, and we can’t chalk up his actions to impish immaturity. His face is showing us more and more of what’s happening on the inside, leading to significantly amped chemistry between our leads.

Say cheese!


加油! Jia you!

Hello, drama fans! ISWAK episode 3 recap is in the works and should be out within a day or so. In the meantime, I want to offer you a fun fact about something you hear often in Taiwanese dramas!

Jia you (加油) is a cheer used at competitions and sport games. It’s also great in lots of other situations… for example, Zhi Shu says 加油 to Xiang Qin before she takes her big test, and Mom says 加油 to Xiang Qin before she leaves the two home alone for a couple of days (Oops, episode 3 spoiler!).

You could translate it as “do your best,” but it literally means to add oil or fuel.

So, be sure to encourage your favorite bloggers and fan subbers by saying 加油, if you would like to cheer them on in Chinese! 😀