Love in Tokyo!

Wow! I’m amazed at the number of visitors to my sleepy blog! I’ve been busy, and I’ve taken a long break from recapping…but I’m inspired to start again! Love in Tokyo

Have you all seen Itazura Na Kiss “Love in Tokyo?” I’m on episode 5, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I couldn’t help but feel that Japan was behind Taiwan in the quality of its manga adaptation(s). For the first time in as long as I remember, I’m thinking of the male lead of Itazura Na Kiss as “Irie-kun” and not “Zhi shu!” Shameful, I know.

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Love in Tokyo!

  1. Holla, its been 3 years since the last time u updates ur blog,, where have u been? Still hoping you’ll finish the installment of ISWAK.. the thirst still real :’) hope to see ur newest updates soon.. bless ya

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