It Started With a Kiss Episode 2 Recap

Now begins the relationship that Jiang Zhi Shu can’t avoid. Try as he may to keep his distance, it is only a matter of time before he’ll have to address the elephant in the room… or the Xiang Qin in his house.

Episode 2

Zhi Shu’s mom calls the kid out of Xiang Qin’s personal bubble. He’s then introduced as their family’s youngest son, Yu Shu. He sits down rather nonchalantly on the couch with a book in his hands, legs crossed. He’s in third grade and has already adopted his older brother’s attitude. Xiang Qin introduces herself and offers her hand for a shake, but Yu Shu ignores it and asks her a question from his homework.

What does the expression “Qian Lu Ji Qiong” mean? It’s obvious that she’s not exactly sure, but she reasons that it’s a really rich donkey but lacking in skills, so that’s why it’s poor… meaning that being rich doesn’t indicate possession of skill (alright, something is lost in translation). However Zhi Shu explains: “Qian” is another name for the Guizhou Provence. Qian Lu Ji Qiong means if someone’s abilities are limited, they needn’t hide it.


It’s a little confusing based on the translation, so I did a little online research. Qian Lu Ji Qiong refers to the Chinese story, “The Donkey of Guizhou has Exhausted His Tricks.” Basically, the phrase can be used to express that one is at one’s wits’ end, or one has done all one can (exhausted tricks or skills). If you Google it, you should come up with a few good sites explaining the story in full. Anyway, the whole purpose of the scene is to point out the difference of knowledge levels between Zhi Shu, Xiang Qin, and apparently Yu Shu, too.


Xiang Qin tries to teach Yu Shu a trick for remembering proverbs, but he’s under impressed. He yells at her, calling her an idiot, much to the horror of his parents.

Zhi Shu’s mom decides to take Xiang Qin up to see her new room. She passes by Uncle Jiang’s model collection and heads to a door that reads “Xiang Qin’s Castle.” The room was decorated to be a fantasy land of hearts, dolls, and white lace curtains. Awww, Xiang Qin gets her dream room.


Mom (Zhi Shu’s mom will be henceforth known as Mom) says again how she always wanted to have a daughter. She’s thankful to have Xiang Qin there so she can decorate with lace and dolls. Zhi Shu is standing at the door, however, to act as a wet blanket. He complains that Yu Shu will have to share a room with him because of Xiang Qin. Mom goes to make dinner and instructs Zhi Shu to help her unpack. When she leaves, Xiang Qin can’t help but feel very awkward. Zhi Shu asks if she needs help, and she says no. He throws it back at her that she doesn’t need his help and instructs her not to interfere with his life. Yu Shu shows up just to make a face at her.  What a delightful child.

Xiang Qin is feeling rather out of place, but she wears the frilly pajamas Zhi Shu’s mom gave her and snuggles into the very lacy bed. That night she dreams that she and her dad are crashing their truck right into Zhi Shu’s house (à la dream sequence metaphor).


She knows it’s a dream, so when she opens her eyes, it will have all been a dream, right? However, there is Zhi Shu, sitting right in front of her, sipping his orange juice and reading the paper (enjoying his youth, obviously).

Mom dotes on her family and Xiang Qin, giving everyone more food. Zhi Shu gets up to leave for school, and Mom pushes Xiang Qin out the door, too. She has to run to catch up with him because he’s walking at quite a clip. Not paying attention to where she’s going, she face-plants right into his back.

He turns around and lists his four “points.”

1. Don’t hit me or bump into me.
2. I’ll only show you the way to school once.
3. You’d better not tell anyone about this living arrangement.
4. After we get to school, don’t ever talk to me.

What a ladies’ man.

Xiang Qin says that she already gets it, and ends up falling behind again. The bus is very crowded, and Zhi Shu pretty much ignores her existence, moving further up the bus to be away from her. In the meantime, she is accosted by a nasty pervert, trying to feel up her skirt. She tries to get Zhi Shu’s attention, but he ignores her. She manages to get away for the time being. After she’s off the bus, she asks Zhi Shu why he didn’t help her. He says he was too far away to get there, and throws it back at her (yet again) that she doesn’t want his help. He even has the nerve to say that she was probably just “accidentally bumped.” Yeah, I’d like to see how you’d like being felt up by a nasty pervert on the bus, buddy. ROAR!!!

The next day, Xiang Qin has more trouble on the bus. She shows up pretty angry to class and tells her friends about the pervert problem. She almost lets something slip about Zhi Shu but thinks better of it. She daydreams that she’s back on the bus, letting the pervert have it, punching him repeatedly. It turns out that she’s beating up Jiang Zhi Shu, who’s all bloodied up. Too bad it’s only her imagination! Anyway, her friend suggests they form an anti-pervert group after exams, which reminds Xiang Qin of the upcoming exams. Finding inspiration, she proclaims that she won’t lose to him.

In the teacher’s lounge, we see the teacher of the F class stealing glances at the beautiful teacher of the A class. Apparently their teaching abilities are related directly to the academic abilities of their respective students. The combined testing scores of the F class can’t even reach the individual score of Zhi Shu, so the F class teacher’s job is in jeopardy. The principal asks Miss A Class teacher to give Mr. F Class some pointers, but she’s unfortunately not as charitable as she is pretty.

In the F class, the teacher tells his students what their exam will cover, hoping that they can study early and get good results. He blames himself for being incompetent, saying that the whole class can’t even reach the score of Zhi Shu. He turns to cry into the chalkboard (is he melodramatic, or just trying to take them on a guilt trip? Well, whatever it is, it’s working). The students tell him that they are also to blame, but the teacher recognizes that enthusiasm and kindness just don’t cut it. Xiang Qin chimes in that that’s wrong. You can definitely succeed with enthusiasm and effort. In order to prove it, she boldly declares that she will beat Zhi Shu on the next exam.

Of course, that’s just crazy talk. Everyone laughs at her, thinking she must be joking. She says that she’s serious, and her friend checks her for a fever. Jin is also a naysayer. Sure, Zhi Shu needs to be taught a lesson, but he’s the top genius of the school. She decides that if she can’t beat him, she’ll settle for being in the top 100. The teacher is moved, but points out that no F class student has ever made it to that list. Xiang Qin declares that she’ll make history. Jin backs her whole heartedly. He’s just so cute.

At lunchtime, an announcement over the PA makes reference to the proverb Qing Neng Bu Zhuo 勤能补柮, meaning “diligence will make up for any shortcoming.” (Two proverbs in one episode? What is this?) The announcer says that a student from F class is willing to prove the validity of this proverb by declaring that she will be the first F class student to make the top 100 list. He even brings up that she is the one who was rejected by Jiang Zhi Shu (okay, just keep pouring salt on that one) and also the one whose house was destroyed by a level 2 earthquake (still fresh, still fresh). The announcer requests that the school support Yuan Xiang Qin by quietly cheering her on. Needless to say, she loses her lunch (okay, so it just drops out from between her chopsticks), and she begins to wonder if she’s made a mistake.

That night Xiang Qin is up late hitting the books, fighting off the urge to sleep.  Zhi Shu’s mom comes in to cheer her on with a snack. She’s excited to even have the opportunity because, apparently, Zhi Shu never studies and goes to bed every night at 10PM. Well, that’s irritating.

To lift Xiang Qin’s spirits, Mom brings in a couple of old photo albums that hold pictures of an adorable little girl. Xiang Qin guesses that it might be Zhi Shu’s cousin, but it turns out to be Zhi Shu himself. His mom always wanted a daughter, so she dressed him like a girl until he was in kindergarten, at which point he was embarrassed on a school trip to the pool. Okay, I can understand his attitude a little better now. That seems a bit traumatizing. I guess it turns out that he’s a pretty good son, all things considered. Anyway, his mom guesses that this is why he acts cool and suggests they keep it a secret from Zhi Shu that she knows about these pictures.

Xiang Qin is still giggling the next morning at breakfast. Yu Shu and Zhi Shu assume she’s lost it (just the thought of making the top 100 has driven her to insanity).
Mom packs a lunch into each of their bags.

At school Xiang Qin is attacking the books with fervor. Jin brings up the fact that they don’t know where she is living now, and he is concerned about her. She just says that she’s living at her dad’s friend’s place. Just then, Zhi Shu comes to the classroom looking for her. Her friends tease that maybe he changed his mind about dating her.

He asks for “classmate Xiang Qin” to bring her bag out for a moment. They walk far away from the building, ending up behind some trees. Zhi Shu pulls out a frilly, pink lunch sack from his bag, and he trades Xiang Qin for the more manly looking one in hers. By then, Xiang Qin’s friends are sneaking up behind them to get a look. Are they exchanging diaries? They get a little closer.

Zhi Shu complains about how troublesome it is now that she’s living with him. She muses that maybe they’ll get their uniforms mixed up next time. Zhi Shu asks how that could possibly be, and Xiang Qin pulls out the picture of little girl Zhi Shu. Oh, yeah! This girl knows how to blackmail. Zhi Shu trys to get it from her, chasing her around the trees (her friends are still watching).

She gives him the picture but says that she still has the film. He asks what she plans to do. She says she’ll give it to him under the condition that he tutor her for a week before the exams. If she makes the top 100, she will return the film. He says it won’t happen, and she wonders out loud what it would be like if she posts the picture on the announcement board and hands one to each student. He agrees to tutor her and gets really close to her face, saying she’d better hope for a miracle.

From behind, Jin misunderstands the situation (by his view, it’s easy to mistake) and starts freaking out. Her other friends hold him back, saying that what he saw wasn’t real.

Zhi Shu says he’ll start tutoring her tonight. After he leaves, Xiang Qin is breathing heavily and patting her face, leading poor Jin to keep misunderstanding. She passes by her friends without seeing them at first. They all want to know what Zhi Shu said to her, but she says it was nothing and that she needs to go study.

That night during their family dinner, Mom offers to prepare Xiang Qin a studying snack. Zhi Shu asks her to prepare one for him, too, because he’ll be in her room. Everyone stops and stares (because come on, it sounds so wrong), and his mom gets excited that he’ll be studying for the first time. Mom thinks that Xiang Qin is a good influence already, and Zhi Shu says that she (Mom) was the one who created the situation to begin with. Ha. It’s true. We like it.

Zhi Shu leaves the table while everyone is still eating, and Xiang Qin takes off after him.

So there they are in her room. The atmosphere is just a little awkward. Now that Zhi Shu is Xiang Qin’s love tutoring slave, where should they begin? Zhi Shu asks her the topic, and she picks math. Xiang Qin gets a little excited over the fact that it’s their first time being alone together (and so do I).

The study session isn’t off to a great start. Xiang Qin doesn’t know the scope of the test or even what she doesn’t understand in the material (basically, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know). Zhi Shu stars some main points in her book for her to get started on while he draws up some questions. She looks at his head and wonders (out loud) what could be stored in there. He says that it’s different from what is stored in hers. Xiang Qin puts on a one girl play—if he were a teacher, he may have a student who wins the Nobel Prize and credits his/her success his/her teacher Mr. Jiang Zhi Shu.

He watches without much amusement and tells her that she lacks realism. She agrees. She is usually told that she lacks brains and acts on impulse. He agrees with the description. She says that you need to try for something in order to find out the outcome, using the exam as an example. She may be able to make her way there, even if no one thinks she can. She says her Libra horoscope says there will be a savior to help her achieve her goals. He asks if the Scorpio one mentioned attacking an insignificant person, then hands her the problems to solve. He waits around for her to finish, yawning and looking at the room in disapproval.

Xiang Qin can’t solve the problems, so he tells her that they will start with the basics and that she can’t sleep until she gets it right. She gets the first answer correct, and Zhi Shu looks back in surprise. She grabs his hand in victory celebration.

They see a flash of light and turn around to find Mom capturing the moment on film. Zhi Shu looks pretty ticked. Mooooooooom!

She says that they look well matched and that it would be wonderful if they could get married someday. She’s just poking the bear. Zhi Shu yells at her to knock it off. She brings them a big midnight snack and shoots another picture.

The next day Xiang Qin falls asleep in health class. Her friends wake her up at the end. She explains that she’s been studying all night for the past few days. Jin doesn’t believe it, and urges her to tell them her real problems. He thinks she’s being bullied at her new home, basically being forced to work as a servent—someone is spending too much time watching Disney movies and TV dramas and not enough time doing homework. Xiang Qin hurries off to the library, leaving Jin talking out loud to himself.

That night Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin are studying again. They are starting to look more comfortable together, with crazy hair and pajamas (it is universally aknowledged that crazy hair leads to better studying). Zhi Shu dozes off next to her with his head on the desk. Xiang Qin studies his sleeping face and feels a little guilty that she’s keeping him up all night when he has to still pay attention at school during the day.

She muses that he’s not so scary when he’s sleeping—not a monster, but the guy she has a crush on, Jiang Zhi Shu. She nods off and falls, lips first, right onto his face. It wakes her, but not him. She puts her head on the desk facing him. She admits out loud “I really do like you” and falls asleep.

Mom is delivering a snack when she comes across the adorable scene of the two sleeping beauties. She runs off to get her camera.

It’s finally exam day. Mom notices Xiang Qin stealing glances at Zhi Shu over her book at the breakfast table. She presents Xiang Qin with a good luck charm. Zhi Shu gets up to leave, and Xiang Qin hurries after him. Mom instructs her not to open the charm until the exam results are posted.

At school, Xiang Qin really wants to tell Zhi Shu thank you for his help, but she knows he doesn’t want her talking to him. She passes by as he enters his classroom and says “thank you” without turning to look. She gets a few feet away, and he says “do your best.” Awww.

Xiang Qin flies through the exam with confidence, but Zhi Shu is asleep on his desk. A teacher goes to wake him up, and he hands him the test saying that he is finished. Xiang Qin later overhears people saying that Zhi Shu fell asleep in the last exam and might not be keeping his number one spot. She feels pretty bad about it. To make up for it, she leaves a health beverage mix on his desk.

Yu Shu and Zhi Shu are playing around as they enter their room. Zhi Shu sits down and sees Xiang Qin’s gift. Yu Shu says that it’s a drink for girls. I bet Zhi Shu knows who left it there! Someone with good yet misguided intentions. Come on. Is your heart touched even a little?

End of Episode


It’s a real treat re-watching this drama. Each episode is full of content (as in story and plot), and it doesn’t just depend on silly sound effects, physical comedy, and cast chemistry to pull it through. Although, believe me, in spite of some over acting here and there, the cast has good chemistry… especially Ariel and Joe. That’s why they are so famous for it, after all!

In this episode, it’s nice to see our main pairing having positive interaction. Xiang Qin no longer has to admire the school super star from afar. She’s right there in his house, and he can’t avoid her even if he wanted to. Why? Because Mom keeps creating situations—first the lunch “mix up,” then the picture… She’s quite the match maker. I have a feeling she’ll continue to make mischief for Zhi Shu, and I’m signing up for her team.

As far as Xiang Qin’s feelings are concerned, the star-struck, never-met-you “I like you” and the I-live-with-you-in-your-house “I like you” are on two different levels. If you believe that familiarity breeds contempt, isn’t it nice to know that Xiang Qin seems to like Zhi Shu (after really getting to know him) for who he is—bad personality and all? The more I see his immature, petty, childish side (sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes it makes me shake my fist at the screen), the more I think he’s actually a kid and not a robot. I’m looking forward to the development of his character. Is he just a know-it-all super jerk, or is there more there once we peel back a layer or two?

In any case, I don’t think Zhi Shu will be able to hold out his jerky attitude for much longer. Xiang Qin’s sincere kindness and goofy optimism will surly begin to melt his outside frosty layer.

© lovelovedrama 2011

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4 thoughts on “It Started With a Kiss Episode 2 Recap

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  2. Hello can I ask what episode when Xiang Qin was lost in the market? I think in what i remembered Zhi Shu and her was asked to buy watermelon but Xiang Qin was lost. Im re watching it but i didnt saw that scene.

    Uhm that scene can be scene in the 0.05 mark at the opening vtr of iswak every ep. REALLY

    • Eeee, good question. I’m not sure. One thing I do remember is that the episodes are chopped up differently depending on where you watch them (so sometimes scenes belong to different episodes depending on where you find them).

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