It Started With a Kiss Episode 3 Recap

In this episode we see some of the best and worst of Zhi Shu’s personality. Xiang Qin remains clumsy yet determined, always being tossed around by tropical storm Zhi Shu. When will she stand up for herself (you know, outside of a dream sequence)? She might grow on me much quicker if she weren’t acting like his puppy, always following when he says “come.” He’ll never respect her like that.

Okay, before I sound even more like Dr. Phil, let’s get to it, shall we?

Episode 3

It’s test result day! Students are gathered around the test score ranking board (top 100). Xiang Qin heads straight for the top of the list. She sees that Zhi Shu is still ranked as number 1, and she jumps up and down, squealing in excitement. She is relieved that the late-night tutoring sessions didn’t ruin his test score.

At the same time, Zhi Shu is booking it towards the test results. He heads straight to the end of the list to see that Yuan Xiang Qin made number 100. Everyone is amazed that an F Class student could make it there. Even Zhi Shu is trying to hide his smile, but you can see that he’s pleased about it.

Walking over to the front end of the board, he finds Xiang Qin still looking at his ranking. The crowd shifts, causing her to fall backwards. Zhi Shu reaches his arm behind her to stop her from falling. Shall we dance?

She congratulates him on his perfect score, and he congratulates her on her miracle. She looks confused, and he gathers that she hasn’t even looked yet. She flies off to see the other end of the board, working her way through the crowd. She jumps up and down when she sees her name and thanks Zhi Shu repeatedly.

He only has one thing on his mind, however, and that is the film of his girly youth photos. She hands it over, and he walks off.

Xiang Qin can’t resist, and yells out to him (in front of everyone) “Jiang Zhi Shu, thank you! Thank you!” Her friends (Jin & co.) run up to congratulate her, and she skips off.

Standing there, looking at the board in full, she is happy that she and Zhi Shu are finally on the same piece of paper. One is at the front, and the other is at the back, but it’s still the same paper.

As she walks along the campus, other students notice her, talk about her, and congratulate her on her amazing feat. She’s feeling pretty high. Her girlfriends run into class. They tell her that she’s being called the Jiang Zhi Shu of F Class, and she definitely likes the sound of that.

Jin and his friends are rather suspicious over the whole situation, and he decides that it’s time to investigate.

The next scene is the teacher of F Class silently crying at the test score board. The kids are still buzzing about Xiang Qin, and even the A Class teacher comments to Mr. F Class. She sees he’s crying and hands him her handkerchief, saying how unsightly it is for a man to cry like that. After she walks off, he waves it in the air, proclaiming to the students that it does work with passion alone (yeah, passion and late-night study sessions).

As Xiang Qin and her friends are heading out from school, they see Jin, who is dusting a statue with his hands, pretending to be someone else (he’s undercover). His friends/followers are in on it, too, and they tail the girls to the ice cream shop and onto the bus. When Xiang Qin gets off, they follow her to her neighborhood. They “oo and ah” over the expensive neighborhood they find themselves in.They sneak behind bushes and manage to tail her all the way to her home.

They see Mom greet Xiang Qin at the door, offering delicious food (see how abused she is?). After some inspection of the entryway, they see the family name of the house is “Jiang.”

Then Yu Shu appears behind them and passes through.They think he’s a little Zhi Shu at first, but maybe he’s too dark and chubby to be Jiang Zhi Shu’s brother. Not too long after, however, Zhi Shu arrives home, and passes by them without a word, just a sideways glance. Jin freaks out for a bit with his friends trying to hold him up, but he is eventually KOed by the thought of Xiang Qin living in the same house as Jiang Zhi Shu.

The next day at school, Xiang Qin is at her locker, and she comes across the charm that Mom had given her for good luck on the test.

Before she can open it, her friends come up to take a photo, keeping her side-tracked. Just then, Jin arrives in a terrible state.

He demands the truth: Is she living with Jiang Zhi Shu? Everyone thinks that’s nonsense. To avoid the question, Xiang Qin sticks her head in her locker, rooting around for something imaginary. She knocks out some stuff, and goes to the ground to pick it up. One of her friends tries to help her and comes up with the charm from Mom.

It turns out that the charm was a picture of Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu sleeping next to each other from one of their study session nights. Now that all of her friends are looking at it, it looks like hard evidence of a deep relationship.

Xiang Qin is forced to confess that their fathers are actually good friends, and that’s why she is living at his house. She explains that Zhi Shu forbade her from telling anyone, and that’s why she kept it secret. They figure out that Zhi Shu tutored her, and that’s how she made the top 100. Jin is dramatically distraught over the photo, but bucks up when he finds out that there’s nothing going on between them. Xiang Qin says that he’s cold blooded, so she’s trying to avoid him. She asks that her friends keep it a secret.

Later we see Zhi Shu running across campus. He’s trying to avoid attention, but people will probably turn and stare at someone traveling at this clip.

He composes himself for a moment before he turns into Xiang Qin’s classroom. He calls her out, and all of her classmates speculate about their relationship. Xiang Qin follows him half way across campus but points out that this is how rumors can start (i.e. him calling her out of her class). He tells her that a rumor has already started. They keep walking, and she keeps ducking to avoid notice as she follows him. They end up in the computer lab, where students are gathered around the computer.

They make way for Jiang Zhi Shu, who shows Xiang Qin the computer screen. Not just that screen, but every screen in the computer lab has the picture of them sleeping together as the desktop background.

She guesses that her friends snuck the photo out of her bag and posted it on every computer while the class was having an afternoon rest. Do Taiwanese high schools really have nap time?

Leaning in, Zhi Shu says to her that maybe this rumor means nothing to her, but it has caused him a lot of trouble. He tells her to stop disrupting his life.

This finally pushes her over the edge. Ticked, she follows him out of the computer room, but she isn’t quite sure what to say. He tells her to stop liking him because he will get annoyed. She’s pretty much gob-smacked and can’t come up with a retort. Instead, she goes to the gym and roughs up a punching bag. She cries while trying to understand how she can still like him so much after hearing how much he dislikes her.

Later that night Zhi Shu is outside of her closed bedroom door. It turns out that she didn’t actually give him the film he wanted. He knocks, and when she doesn’t answer, he opens it to find her sleeping at her desk.

Under her hands is the love letter she had written him. He tries to pull it out, but when he can’t, he leans over her to give it a read.

She confesses that she fell in love with him on orientation day. She also confesses that she has had a crush on him for two years. After reading it, he says out loud that he wonders what could be going on in her head to give her energy to do such stupid things. He asks how it feels to like a person. It seems that he really doesn’t know. He leaves her room while she is still sleeping.

The next day on the bus, Xiang Qin is looking pretty wiped out from sleeping on her desk. Unfortunately she is assailed by perverts on both sides this time. One is feeling up her legs, and the other actually has the audacity to grab her boob. Doesn’t it make you want to not ride the bus?

Jin witnesses from the back of the bus and tries to come to her rescue. The bus jerks, and he winds up in a lady’s lap, so he can’t get to Xiang Qin. Oh, poor, misunderstood puppy.

Just as Xiang Qin is ready to swing her bag at one of the perverts, Zhi Shu appears and grabs each man by the arm. He chews them out and takes Xiang Qin with him to the front of the bus. He stands behind her to protect her.

Wow, it’s the first time he looks like a man to me! Way to be a stud muffin, Zhi Shu! Xiang Qin is feeling grateful and a bit closer to him. After they get off, she tries to walk next to him, but he makes her walk behind. So much for progress.

Meanwhile, Jin is getting in trouble for being a bus pervert. It seems that he is let off the hook, though… but not without getting a purse beating from the lady he accidentally sat on.

On a different day, Xiang Qin’s friends (the guys and the girls) are sneaking into Zhi Shu’s neighborhood past the guard. It seems that they are on break from school, and they’ve come to seek out Xiang Qin at Zhi Shu’s home.

Jin is just so tormented by the idea of Xiang Qin living with Zhi Shu. He’s afraid that Zhi Shu could turn into an animal and “attack” (read: make a pass at) Xiang Qin. Her girlfriends think that she’s the more likely one to pounce, however.

Meanwhile, the Yuan/Jiang family is in the middle of a meal. They are out of beer, so they send Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu to go buy some (they must already be 18 – legal drinking age in Taiwan). Mom sends them off alone so she can talk about them while they are gone. She tells Ah Cai (Xiang Qin’s dad) that their kids would make such a great match. If they got married, how great it would be!
Yeah, great, but they’re only in high school.

However, the kids had forgotten to bring money, so they came back in to overhear their parents matching them up. Needless to say, both are annoyed. Xiang Qin is the first one to verbally object, and Yu Shu pipes in that he’s against it, too.

Xiang Qin feels pretty flattered when Mom says that she’s a good match for Zhi Shu. However, they (Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin) argue over not “deserving” the other. In response, Zhi Shu starts reciting Xiang Qin’s love letter from memory for the whole family to hear.

She plugs her ears and turns around to smack him. Mom is really excited that Xiang Qin likes him. Xiang Qin admits to having written the love letter, but that’s it. Just then, Jin shows up. The whole group of friends had let themselves in without being noticed… that is, until Jin goes for Zhi Shu. All the other friends hold him back.

Jin introduces himself to the adults, saying that he and Xiang Qin are the best matched in their class. Mom observes that Xiang Qin is so popular, it’s a little problematic. Jin agrees, saying that “someone” is trying to sabotage them. However, for someone else to think that he can be with Xiang Qin… Zhi Shu isn’t that crazy, right? Zhi Shu takes the opportunity to provoke Jin by saying that it could happen and that feelings can shift.

Jin starts freaking out, claiming that he must have been eyeing Xiang Qin all along. Zhi Shu tells Jin to get it in his head that Xiang Qin likes him more. He then leans into Xiang Qin’s ear to tell her softly that he’ll be waiting outside. Jin is upset, the family is wide-eyed, and all in all, Zhi Shu wins this battle.

Xiang Qin goes outside with a big smile on her face, only to find that Zhi Shu left without her. Well, that’s disappointing.

On another vacation day at home, the family seems to be going through its usual domestic routine. The dads are watching baseball, cheering for different teams. Zhi Shu is in his room writing on his window (complicated math equations, English poetry, or the meaning of life, no doubt. 10 points for window markers). Xiang Qin and Mom are in the kitchen in frilly aprons enjoying tea and frosting a cake. Yu Shu comes by later to insult the look of the cake. All is well.

Mom has already basically adopted Xiang Qin as her own daughter and delights in having someone to share tea and cake baking with. She tells Xiang Qin that she should marry into the family soon (Yu Shu complains). She sees things in a very simple way: since Xiang Qin wrote the love letter to Zhi Shu, she must like him. So why not marry him? Mom says that there must be something there if Zhi Shu memorized her love letter. Yu Shu says that Zhi Shu just memorizes easily, and that it has nothing to do with liking her. She still wants Xiang Qin to marry into their family so that they can become the world’s closest in-laws.

The doorbell rings, and Yu Shu comes back with a letter for the dads. It is an invitation to their high school reunion, and they decide to go. The family sees them off, but while they are still waving good-bye outside, Mom hears the phone ring. It’s a call from her mom about her 18 year old dog suddenly dying. She’s worried about her, so she decides she has to go be with her mom for two days. She drags (literally) Yu Shu to go along with her.

While they are in the car about to leave, she tells Xiang Qin to do her best, and off they go, leaving Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin all alone.

Zhi Shu tells Xiang Qin point blank that she’ll be the one to make dinner. Mom drives off happily with Yu Shu and relates her whole plan. It turns out that the dog didn’t die, and she was just using it as an excuse to leave Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin alone together. Yu Shu completely disapproves of the set up situation and wants to go back. Nobody wins against Mom, though.

Back at home, Xiang Qin is picking out the recipe for dinner (Mom tipped her off to Zhi Shu’s love of curry). Feeling pretty excited about it, she has all the veggies, spices, and tools ready to make curry steak.

However, you can tell right away that she doesn’t know what she’s doing (didn’t her dad teach her anything? He’s a chef for crying out loud!). So, she chops into the onion with its peel still on… and you know that can’t be a sign of good things to come. Meanwhile, the feminist in me rages that Zhi Shu does nothing to help. He finally comes downstairs to see that the lower level of the house is filled with smoke, and it’s hard to see anything at all in the kitchen. It looks like Xiang Qin hasn’t made a single successful dish. Everything is charred to a crisp, and they are probably lucky that the house is still standing.

Zhi Shu ends up taking charge, reluctantly putting on one of his mom’s frilly aprons. Yeah, I’d hate for him to get that track suit dirty.

Xiang Qin acts as sous chef, and dinner is soon ready. They sit down to eat the beautiful dishes that Zhi Shu has prepared.

Isn’t it great that he can do everything? Or maybe it’s not so great. It would be nice for Xiang Qin to have at least one special skill other than her “optimism” or “enthusiasm.”

She raves over his food, but he’s still acting cranky, saying that her giggling makes him lose his appetite (she was musing over the fact that it’s their first meal alone together, just like newlyweds). Xiang Qin decides that she needs to come up with a conversation topic, so she asks Zhi Shu about his summer homework. It turns out that he has finished his vacation homework, and she has yet to begin. She begs him to help her, and he refuses, leaving a pouting Xiang Qin at the table.

She hits the books that night, but to no avail. She ends up falling asleep in a pile of books and papers on her bed, without finishing a single page of her vacation assignment.

We see a separate shot of Mom relating her hopes for a romantic evening for Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu while Yu Shu enjoys the bubbly hot tub. Looks like a nice weekend to me.

The next morning, Zhi Shu is visibly taken aback by Xiang Qin’s panda appearance. She tries to persuade him once more in a very amusing way to help her with her homework, but he again refuses, saying that he will be off enjoying the last days of his vacation.

So again she piles up her books and gets back to work… momentarily…before she falls asleep on the desk.

End of Episode


This girl must not know the joys of caffeine. Someone get this girl a coffee, an energy drink, something!

Anyway, Xiang Qin has proven to us that she isn’t stupid. When she puts her mind to it, gets good explanations, and studies very hard, she can take a test successfully. It seems, however, that she succumbs easily to procrastination and has little internal motivation for scholastic success. I can’t exactly relate… I was never a Zhi Shu, but I could definitely study and get the job done.

This story brings to mind something that an acquaintance once said to me. He said that no one is too good for anyone else. You know that expression, “He’s too good for you?” Well, really, who is to say? Maybe Zhi Shu is smarter and skilled in all facets of life, but he’s got a D- personality and a condescending attitude. Xiang Qin may not be as smart, but she is 10x more adorable and fun-loving. She makes and keeps a circle of good and loyal friends. Aren’t these worthy traits, as well?

© lovelovedrama 2011

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  2. 😉 i really enjoy reading your ISWAK recaps! i’m a huge fan too! here in the Philippines, its been aired on TV for like 4 times already! because we all love (and yes, i mean L-O-V-E) it! thank you so much for the recaps. since i’m downloading 1 episode at a time, i’d like to make sure that i’m getting the right one! so, thank you! really nice to know that somebody from the west also enjoys this kind of stuff! 😀

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