It Started With a Kiss Episode 6 Recap

Yay! New characters! The most notable new face in episode 6 is Tiffany Xu. This girl can’t catch a break. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. Hate her because she is a threat to the relationship of the leading couple.

Episode 6

Jin is reveling in the excitement that is his Love Plan. He will become a chef by first apprenticing with Xiang Qin’s dad. Jin tells Zhi Shu to go off to whichever ABC University he chooses so he’ll be far away from Xiang Qin. Ah Cai shoos him off to the kitchen.

Mom asks Zhi Shu if he has any interest in cooking, saying that she likes awesome chefs. His dad voices his objection. If Zhi Shu becomes a chef and doesn’t go to Tai Da, then he won’t be able to take over the family business. Mom says that he still has Yu Shu for that, but dad complains that it would be too long of a wait for him to grow up. They quibble over the merits of being a chef verses taking over the company. Dad tells Mom that Zhi Shu can still marry Xiang Qin and inherit the company (he definitely knows Mom’s angle). From the other table, Xiang Qin raises her voice to put an end to it.

She complains that they keep making decisions for other people. Struggling to stand, she tells them all that Zhi Shu wants to decide his own future, and they should respect his decision. She points out that Zhi Shu has his own worries. She puts her hand on his face. Although it’s awkward, he doesn’t pull away. It would be touching if she weren’t hammered.

Her hand falls away, and she tries to get up. She stumbles onto Zhi Shu’s lap, and family helps lift her off.

As they drive home later that night, Xiang Qin gets giggly. She climbs up towards the front seat of their moving car, endangering everyone in a way that is only funny in a drama. She is pulled back to rest between Yu Shu and Zhi Shu.

She cuddles up on sleeping Yu Shu, thinking that it’s Zhi Shu. She talks to him, and Zhi Shu leans in to listen. She confesses that she doesn’t want him to go to Tai Da because she wants to study at the same university. She has gone from giggly to weepy in a matter of moments. Xiang Qin is a very annoying drunk. Even so, Mom is moved by her tears. Xiang Qin starts to get sick, and Yu Shu wakes up in time to dive to the other side of the car.

Too late! Unfortunately he can’t get away in time, and she pukes on his pants. They can’t find tissues, and the boys in the back of the car are completely grossed out.

The next morning, Xiang Qin is rather hung over, but she still gives Mom a hand in fixing breakfast. Zhi Shu comes to the table coughing. He says that he didn’t sleep well last night because Yu Shu was talking in his sleep. She asks what could have frightened him so much, and they all look at her blankly. She obviously doesn’t remember last night.

Xiang Qin offers Zhi Shu some medicine to make him feel better for his test. He takes it and then asks if it will make him drowsy. Xiang Qin reads the label, which suggests that he shouldn’t drive or do any activity requiring concentration. Xiang Qin tries to get Zhi Shu to cough up the tablet.

He gets up to leave, and Xiang Qin follows him so she can keep an eye on him until he enters the examination hall. She catches up by running and hands him a good luck charm that she made. She asks him to wear it, and he says he can’t. Too late! She’s already sticking it onto his backpack. He gives up the struggle, but looks rather miffed at the pink heart-shaped charm. This scene makes me think that Xiang Qin is a lot like Mom: she has such endless energy and stick-to-itiveness that Zhi Shu has to eventually give up. Giving up is easier than resisting.

He wonders why she would give him a charm, seeing as though she doesn’t want him to go to Tai Da. She says that she can’t be so selfish. She keeps following Zhi Shu, asking him if he feels nervous. She doesn’t look too well, and starts to grab her stomach. She falls way behind Zhi Shu and crouches to the ground. When he realizes she’s not there behind him, he runs back to her.

He asks her if she’s okay, but she claims that it’s really nothing—she probably just ate too much last night. They get onto a very crowded bus, only to be schmooshed together in front of the back door (and not in a good way).

When they get to their stop, they discover that Zhi Shu’s backpack has gotten stuck in the door. They have to pull it free because the bus driver won’t allow them to exit from the back. Xiang Qin pulls on Zhi Shu who pulls on the backpack, and they get it unstuck, but not without completely embarrassing Zhi Shu. He has to climb over people to get off, and they are still giggling at him.

He walks away quickly, and Xiang Qin is still struggling with the pain in her side. Zhi Shu notices with a worried face but keeps walking faster. Xiang Qin just holds her tummy and runs to catch up. They get to the entrance of the exam building, so he sends her off. She tells him to do his best, and he walks away.

Before he can get very far, Xiang Qin collapses, and a crowd of people gathers to help her.

Zhi Shu breaks their circle and crouches over her. She tells him to go take his test. He asks the onlookers if there is a hospital nearby and, fortunately, it’s within walking distance. He picks her up and whisks her off like Superman.

At the hospital, the doctor shows Zhi Shu Xiang Qin’s X-ray. It turns out that she has an infection in her large intestine. Fortunately, it isn’t too serious. Zhi Shu impresses the doctor with his medical knowledge.

Zhi Shu takes care of the paperwork for Xiang Qin, and the nurses giggle when he hands them his exam card as identification. Why? Because Xiang Qin has doodled on it, writing: “Zhi Shu, Jia You!” The doctor sends him back to the exam.

Zhi Shu stops by to see Xiang Qin before he leaves. She is asleep on the hospital bed. When she stirs awake, Mom and her dad hovering over her. Dad gives her the good news that she doesn’t need an operation and can go home that evening. Xiang Qin asks about Zhi Shu, and they say he went to go take his exam. Just then, he pops in the door. Ruh-oh!

Mom yells at him, asking why he didn’t go to the exam when there had been plenty of time to get back. Xiang Qin starts crying and apologizing, blaming herself for Zhi Shu missing his test. He stands at the doorway like a grumpy dope, letting her cry and be comforted by Mom and her dad. Mom insists that it’s not at all her fault.

Later that night, everyone is back at Casa Jiang: Ah Cai is having a drink, and Zhi Shu is silently watching TV with his parents. Ah Cai comes from around the corner and grovels in apology to Zhi Shu’s dad. He tells Ah Cai to stop.

He knows that Zhi Shu didn’t want to take the exam and used Xiang Qin as an excuse. Mom chimes in that it’s not so bad. Now Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin will go to the same school, hand in hand. Zhi Shu grumbles that they never went to school hand in hand before.

Meanwhile, Xiang Qin is brooding by herself in the backyard, making for some lovely, artistic shots.

That night, Xiang Qin comes down the stairs with a load of luggage. Although she is trying to be stealthy, she goes about very clumsily– dropping things and breaking things–making a total ruckus.

Zhi Shu, who is still up, hears her. He looks back and smiles. He offers to help her with her heavy things. She is speechless at the sight of him. He asks her what her deal is, recovering from her illness and sneaking off. He tells her that, if she wants to sneak out in the middle of the night, she should be more coordinated. Xiang Qin tells him that she’s too ashamed to keep living there, and she’s leaving. He says he won’t try and stop her, but leaving would make her an impulsive airhead.

She says that she thinks she’s bad luck for him. If she stays, she will keep causing him trouble. He says that it wasn’t entirely her fault that he didn’t make it to the exam. He could have made it back on time, but he had started to think about why he should go to Tai Da and couldn’t come up with a reason. He says that his life has been so unpredictable since she came to his house. In the end, he finds it amusing.  If they continued on that way, it would be okay by him. Xiang Qin asks him if that means he wants her to stay, but he won’t go any further. She gets excited that they will be going to the same university, which he tells her is pushing her luck.

Zhi Shu tells her to move her luggage — if Mom found out she was running away, no one would get any sleep that night.

It’s the first day of college, and Xiang Qin can’t decide what to wear. Neither outfit that Mom picked is exactly first-day-of-college appropriate. One is too office-y, and the other to evening party-y. Xiang Qin decides on the pink office suit. Down at breakfast, Zhi Shu is sporting a new, wavier hair style and a casual look. Yu Shu and Zhi Shu tease her for looking like a department store elevator lady. It turns out that Mom had prepared a matching pink suit for Zhi Shu, and Xiang Qin giggles at the thought.

When Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin head out for school, it’s the same old routine. Zhi Shu walks quickly, and Xiang Qin chases after him. She gets splashed in the face by a car that passes them. Zhi Shu goes back to see her, and smells something funny… Xiang Qin just stepped in dog poo. I bet she’ll find out later that her underwear are on inside out.

She sits down on the curb, complaining out loud that Zhi Shu should have at least asked her if she was alright. Just then, a very shiny Zhi Shu comes back to ask her how she is doing. He scrapes the poo off of her shoe with a pen from his bag… with a smile on his face, no less.

It turns out to be a fantasy (although, let’s face it, it was pretty much out of the realm of reality from the get-go). Zhi Shu, quite a ways ahead by now, stops to call out to her to see if she is still coming. He keeps walking, and Xiang Qin puts her icky shoe back on to chase after him. When they get to campus, he walks even faster to get away. He can’t shake Xiang Qin, of course. She follows him awkwardly up, down, and around. He stops and asks her how long she will follow him. He is in the science department, while she is in the childhood education department. He walks away without her.

Xiang Qin’s friends (Chun Mei and Ya Nong) pop up behind her, both sporting new looks. They tell Xiang Qin that she looks like faculty, and she explains that it’s something Mrs. Jiang wanted her to wear. The girls have class together, so they go off to find it. When the girls ask Xiang Qin about her progress with Zhi Shu, she tells them about the kiss. They get excited, but she tells them that Zhi Shu’s attitude hasn’t changed, and he probably did it just to tease her. They think it’s better than nothing.

Just then, a swarm of little kids runs by. It turns out that their first college lesson is interacting and communicating with children. They play games with the kiddos, and Xiang Qin gets buried in the ball pit. Everyone has a blast.

On another school day, the girls are enjoying what the campus has to offer, debating which clubs to join. Some curious character keeps tabs on them in the background (yeah, we’re not dummies. We know it’s Jin). He turns around and puts a bandana on his face, pretending to clip the hedge. Xiang Qin suspects that someone is watching them, and she runs off to catch up with her friends.

The school is having a big club activities fair, and it’s really fun to see how many options they have: music, tennis, table tennis, bar tending…

When the girls finally wander over to the science and engineering department on another day, they feel like they are looking into A Class all over again. It just so happens that this is the case in an unpleasant way. The approaching students yell out to the F Class girls.

They recognize Xiang Qin and tell her that Zhi Shu is in the biology lab. Haha, okay, not so unpleasant after all. The girls wander down the hallway and peek inside the lab before going in. Aside from touching things she shouldn’t touch, Xiang Qin spots Zhi Shu and a beautiful girl working together in white lab coats.

Someone else recognizes Xiang Qin as Zhi Shu’s “housemate” and calls Zhi Shu over. When he asks her what she’s doing there, she says she’s just checking out his department’s chairs.

Miss Pretty Science Student (Tiffany Xu) comes over to see what’s going on. She asks Zhi Shu if Xiang Qin is his girlfriend. He responds rhetorically, “How could that be possible?” Science Girl looks rather satisfied with that answer.

She then asks Zhi Shu to have lunch with her so she can ask him more questions. He tells her he has other things to do, so no promises. It looks like he’s not too easily lured by her beauty. 10 points for cold-hearted Zhi Shu mode actually working in Xiang Qin’s favor!

Xiang Qin isn’t unaffected by the day’s events. As she washes the dishes later that night, she angrily repeats Zhi Shu’s, “How could it be possible?” response. She is so distracted that when Mom hands her fresh pizza from the oven to cut up, she takes the soapy sponge to it.

Mom comes back to see her scrubbin’ up the pizza and knows something is amiss. Xiang Qin tells Mom about the female interloper.

Mom, looking very grrrrrrrrr at first, says that it would be no fun being in love with someone just like yourself. Mom declares Xiang Qin as the most suitable type for Zhi Shu. Xiang Qin’s not recharged by it, though. She wanders around in her pajamas later, wondering if loving her is better than loving an intelligent beauty.

Lost in her reverie, she bumps right into Zhi Shu in the stairwell. Sensing the atmosphere, Zhi Shu lingers before going down the stairs (just as he thinks she won’t say anything, he starts heading down). Xiang Qin turns to ask him about the girl from the science lab. Her name, Pei Zi Yu, rolls right off of his tongue. She comments about him knowing her name already, and he tells her defensively that it’s not too difficult for him to remember a name.

She asks him point-blank what he thinks of Pei Zi Yu. Zhi Shu asks her if she is jealous. She denies it. He tells her that he rarely meets a girl who is both beautiful and smart and continues the conversation all up in her business.

It’s as though he likes nothing more than to make her squirm. He asks her what she’s worried about- they’re so close, they’ve already kissed. He asks if she remembers or if he’ll have to remind her again. He backs her up until she is against the stairs…

He goes in for the kill, and her eyes are as wide as platters. She closes her eyes and winces. Just then, he smiles and gets up, leaving her lying on the stairs. She’s pissed off that he’s making fun of her again, saying that she’ll slap him in the face next time.

That night, Xiang Qin dreams her recurring dream. It’s a blatant metaphor, showing how her life collides with Zhi Shu’s. She has as little control over her feelings as she does her dreams.

Xiang Qin stands in the cafeteria alone because her friends (Chun Mei and Ya Nong) have a club meeting. She wonders out loud what she should eat, and Zhi Shu surprises her by complaining at her from behind.

He orders Meal A, teasing that there is no meal F. She orders Meal A, too. When the meals come, the plates look completely different — Xiang Qin’s is loaded with food, and Zhi Shu’s is practically empty.

Hahaha! Oh, the power of being a girl. Don’t tell me you’ve never gotten a little something extra from a nice guy behind the counter.

Zhi Shu complains, and Jin pops out from around the corner.

Ooooh, yes. Love will always find a way. He has taken a job in food service at the university so he can stick close to Xiang Qin during the day. He wants to earn more money and get married so she can help her escape Zhi Shu’s evil grasp. Zhi Shu says that it’s surprisingly sad that his plans for his life revolve around a woman. Jin yells at him as he walks away that Xiang Qin isn’t a woman, she’s a princess. Ignoring him, Zhi Shu calls out Jin’s boss to show her how small his portion is. She comes back with a huge serving, obviously charmed by his dashing good looks.

She tells him that if he wants more, he can always come to her.

Poor Jinnykins. Plan “Starve Zhi Shu for Fun”: Fail. Plan “Impress Xiang Qin with Tons of Food”: Epic Fail.

Xiang Qin runs after Zhi Shu, hoping they can eat together. She finds a spot to sit, and he passes her table up for a seat next to Miss Perfect. Oh, sadness. Poor Xiang Qin.

As it would turn out, Zhi Shu is seated at a table with the tennis club president, who is trying (along with another member) to recruit him. Xiang is not very subtle in her attempt to listen in on their conversation.

She hears Zhi Shu say that he’ll go to the club meeting, but Xiang Qin couldn’t catch which club it was that he was joining (even after asking, they didn’t say). Zi Yu says that they’ll be in the same class and the same club.

Xiang Qin asks if he’ll be joining, and he says that he won’t tell her.

After class, Xiang Qin goes on the hunt for Zhi Shu, following him around campus. She tries to follow with stealth, having no clue that he’s completely on to her. Zhi Shu’s first stop is the library, then the little boy’s room.She waits outside, and he manages to escape out the other side when she’s looking the other way. She actually goes in to look for him, and finds a stranger instead.

She runs to go look for him, and he manages to escape again.

She thinks she’s spotted which room he’s entered… running in declaring she wants to join.

Fake out! No Zhi Shu. Xiang Qin finds herself in the meeting space that the Anime/Manga Club, the CPR Club, and Sign Language Club all share.

As she tries to leave, all of the clubs jump to fight for her. The guys of the Anime/Manga Club win. They are excited because she will be the first girl to ever join. They try to get her to sign up.

She’s asks if they have seen Zhi Shu, and they say that he only popped in to say hello. She manages to escape (If it were me, I probably would have just stayed…except that they said she looked like Sadako). Xiang Qin sees a familiar face from the lunch room — the upperclassman who was trying to talk Zhi Shu into joining his club. She follows him, saying she wants to join his club.

He says that she might not qualify, and she should just join the Anime/Manga Club instead. She reads the requirement list for the club,  which specifies height, IQ, and body fat requirements (Yeah, this sort of thing wouldn’t fly in the US). She exclaims that it’s more discriminatory than the A Class… and it turns out to be the tennis club.

Inside the door they are having a meeting, and they welcome Zhi Shu and Pei Zi Yu. Zi Yu is making subtle sexy eyes at Zhi Shu, which go unnoticed.

Xiang Qin bursts in, asking to join. The upperclassman from before tells her to come back when she’s taller. She pulls out the school handbook, which reads that any student can join any official school club. He says that each club has its own rules. She points out that he doesn’t appear to meet the male club member’s high standard, so he relents and decides to recommend her as a club member.

The President makes the exception. Zhi Shu tells Xiang Qin that she probably didn’t think through her decision. She starts to think it through, and daydreams (rather hilariously) of Zhi Shu teaching her how to swing her racket.

They all stand for the president, who says they will be dead if they think of the tennis club as a hobby club. In her daze, Xiang Qin doesn’t see Zhi Shu and Zi Yi leave together.

End of Episode

Six episodes in, I get the feeling that Zhi Shu neither wants Xiang Qin, nor does he want to lose her. As soon as she looks the other way, he casts a line that keeps her hooked. I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose, but it seems to be a game for him. Being chased and getting away… as well as getting caught in the end… this is the way his life rolls now, and it’s lots of fun.
Well, episode 6 took us absolutely nowhere (other than starting college and meeting new people). Hopefully it’s setting us up for a more interesting episode 7.

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