It Started With a Kiss Episode 8 Recap

Okay, episode 8 brings the serious warm fuzzies, reminding me why I liked this show so much to begin with! It’s really very tedious to see Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu going around in circles, so when Zhi Shu acts like a human being and gives in to his heart, you can’t help but squee like a crazy person. Watch, laugh, squee, fist pump, and make the neighbors think you’re nuts. It’s all part of the fun.

Episode 8

The Anime/Manga Club members have appeared out of the bushes, taking pictures and scaring the heck out of Xiang Qin. Zhi Shu comes rushing in at the ready, wielding his tennis racket like a sword of justice.

Once they find out that the masked photographers are Anime/Manga Club members, there for their own special form of “training” (they are writing their annual manga project with Xiang Qin as their featured character), Zhi Shu thinks it’s rather laughable — mostly because of Xiang Qin’s total embarrassment. She denies joining their club by her own free will and continues to freak out, asking them to stop taking pictures. 

Zhi Shu wishes Xiang Qin (“Tennis Girl”) good luck and heads back to the court with an impish grin. She tries to run off after him, but the Anime/Manga Club keeps her behind in hopes she will try on the outfit they’ve chosen for her (some black, beaded thing). Let’s just hope she’s supposed to wear it as a headband.

Later that night, frazzled, sore, and beaten Xiang Qin calls Jin from the girls’ bedroom. She asks him to come cook dinner for her tomorrow, but Jin says she should just ask Zhi Shu.

Pei Zi Yu appears at the door to comment that Xiang Qin and Jin make such a good couple. Xiang Qin hurries to hang up. Zi Yu warns her to make her move wisely on Zhi Shu, and Xiang Qin follows her out of the room. Zi Yu asks her if she wants to compete (for Zhi Shu), but Xiang Qin thinks to herself that there is no point in competing, feeling way outmatched by her. She says, instead, that she just came out for some water. Zi Yu continues to talk about Zhi Shu, saying there are few people who can live up to his sky-high standards. She tells Xiang Qin that she plans to confess her feelings to Zhi Shu before the end of training, making Xiang Qin choke on her water. She doesn’t say anything in response, but she’s pretty sure she’ll be nothing to Zhi Shu after Zi Yu’s confession.

Training continues. Xiang Qin writes a letter to Zhi Shu’s mom, telling her about the training camp schedule: running every day before dawn, stretching, team cheers, and then breakfast. The scene shows her crawling around like usual, picking up tennis balls.

This gives way to happy fun times of working in the kitchen with Zhi Shu. He’s been preparing food in her place (it appears to be a regular occurance), while Xiang Qin brings over the dishes for him to fill.

She tells Mom (Auntie) that Zhi Shu has been very caring. He cooks dinner and helps her with special training (even though he’s extra scary in training). That night, she’s up against a wall with patches on her shins, recovering from the day and preparing herself for the competition that is only two days away.

She tells Mom that she will do her best, not wanting all of Zhi Shu’s efforts going to waste. Lastly, she wishes Mom good health and happiness and tells her that she misses her. Mom, reading the letter, tells Xiang Qin that she missed her very much, but they will see each other very soon. With a relieved (and slightly menacing) smile, she gives Xiang Qin’s letter a hug.

At breakfast the next day, the Tennis Club president tells Xiang Qin she’ll be cooking again tonight, which she says is no problem. And it isn’t, until the president turns around to tell Zhi Shu that he’s been discovered for missing afternoon practice, and he can’t miss today or he’s in trouble. Xiang Qin starts choking on her food.

They both know this means big trouble. Zhi Shu looks over at Xiang Qin from the other table and asks if it will be alright, wondering if tonight’s dinner should be instant noodles. The president has every confidence in Xiang Qin, not knowing that Zhi Shu has done all of “her” cooking to this point. Zhu Shu gives Xiang Qin a smirk before he heads out.

Cut to that night: the Tennis Club sits around a table of bad smelling, burnt, unrecognizable dishes. Xiang Qin is hanging her head in shame. At a table with Zi Yu, Zhi Shu observes something that he skewered to his chop stick with a funny grin on his face. (I love how Zhi Shu is finding it more and more difficult to hide his amusement with Xiang Qin. His smiles are like Colin Firth à la Mr. Darcy. You go from “is he smiling?” to, yeah, he definitely finds that funny.)

Xiang Qin is forced to confess that she never did the cooking. Of course, they deduce that it had to be Zhi Shu (he was the only one skipping out on afternoon practice). Everyone is super impressed, and Zhi Shu doesn’t exactly enjoy the attention. The club president asks if Zhi Shu plans to go head to head with Jin’s restaurant. Xiang Qin pipes in that it has nothing to do with Jin. Zhi Shu has always been an excellent chef, so they shouldn’t misunderstand his intentions.

Try as she may to diffuse the situation, everyone is very impressed by how well Zhi Shu treats Xiang Qin. She denies it as best she can, but everyone starts chanting “marriage, marriage.”

Zhi Shu is about at the end of his patience, and it’s perfect timing for Zi Yu to ask Zhi Shu to leave with her by saying that it’s too noisy inside and she has something to tell him. Ruh-oh. We all know what that is. They leave the dining room, and Xiang Qin hurries after them.

Pei Zi offers Zhi Shu something to drink from the vending machine, and he walks past her without saying a word. She finds him in front of a tree, looking at its leaves. He tells her that it’s a Dita Bark Tree… just to show us how smart he is?

Xiang Qin pops out the door, trying to spot Zhi Shu and Zi Yu out there in the dark.

Zi Yu hands Zhi Shu the drink, and he asks her what it was she had to tell him. She asks him what he thinks of her. The bottle he opens starts fizzing over, allowing him to temporarily ignore her question.

She asks again with no response, and you can feel the overall awkwardness of the situation (of course, this is offset by the comedy routine going on in the background. Senior Hao Qian comes flying out the same door that Xiang Qin did earlier). Zi Yu goes on about her feelings: her loneliness, people not understanding her (I’m just too smart, oh, woe is me). She tells him that, until she met him, she thought she would never find someone who understood her. In the meantime, Xiang Qin is feeling her way towards them in the dark. Zhi Shu detects her clumsy attempt to get closer, but before she can be fully seen, she gets sucked into the bushes.

On the other side, it turns out that Senior has a similar objective. He tells Xiang Qin to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Zi Yu is still talking. Zhi Shu still isn’t.

Xiang Qin’s slow powers of deduction lead her to believe that Senior also likes Zhi Shu. He asks her if her brain is working properly, and then she realizes it must be Zi Yu that he is after. Watching the other couple through the bushes, Senior hatches a plan. Basically, he thinks that Zi Yu likes him but doesn’t want to admit it. Even Xiang Qin isn’t convinced, thinking that she seems much more attracted to Zhi Shu. Senior decides they should pretend to be BFF in an attempt to bring out Zi Yu’s jealously. Xiang Qin is afraid that Zhi Shu will misunderstand, but Senior says that anyone with eyes and a brain would choose Zi Yu. Nice. Anyway, with Zi Yu out of the way, Xiang Qin can have Zhi Shu all to herself. So, he starts whispering the whole plan into Xiang Qin’s ear. It tickles, so she starts giggling like a school girl.

Back through the bush to Zhi Shu and Zi Yu, Zi Yu finally gets to the point where she tells him that she’s had feelings for him since the first day of school. By now, they can definitely hear the giggling through the bushes. If looks could kill…

Zi Yu finally says the fateful “I like you.” You can tell that Zhi Shu hears it by the look on his face, but Zi Yu can’t really know because she is confessing with her back turned. You know, the way brave people do it.

They are obviously distracted by the noise though the bushes, but Zi Yu decides to go forward with her confession, not seeing that Zhi Shu has finally stormed off. She turns around to say “Zhi Shu, I love…” only to see she’s standing there alone. It’s kind of pathetic, actually. I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Zhi Shu pops around the corner to where Senior and Xiang Qin are getting along all buddy-buddy-like. Even though you can’t see his face, you can sense his agitation. He hesitates before stooping in behind them to break up their fun.  He shouts angrily that he’s sorry to bother them, but it’s time for their practice. He drags Xiang Qin up and away by the wrist and lectures her for not taking things seriously the night before their competition.
Well, the bait hooked the wrong fish!

Xiang Qin chases after him towards the tennis court. Senior offers that they (he and Zi Yu) go practice, but Zi Yu is pretty ticked and leaves in a huff.

On the court, Zhi Shu takes it out on Xiang Qin. He angrily launches ball after ball right at her. That night, Xiang Qin reveals a humongous bruise on her ankle. It looks sprained and swollen, and she can barely stand on it. She tries to convince herself that it will be fine, but putting pressure on it almost makes her puke. She nearly convinces herself that it won’t hurt tomorrow.

The next day, she has her ankle wrapped pretty tightly. She is still in a lot of pain, but she’s determined to continue, limping to her side of the court. Zhi Shu notices that something is amiss and asks her if her leg is okay. In a cringe-worthy demonstration, she hops back and forth to show that it’s fine. Yikes.

The Manga Club is hanging out behind the fence. They point out the problem with her leg, praising her for her bravery. Senior jeers Zhi Shu, saying that he’s looking forward to seeing him dressed in women’s clothing. They move to get the game started. Zhi Shu tells Xiang Qin not to be afraid because she has him by her side.

Senior Hao Qian serves, and the game begins. He launches one right for Xiang Qin, and in a moment of Zen-like clarity, she sees the ball in slowmo and deflects it with her racket. Although she is disappointed in herself, everyone is amazed that she made contact with the ball.

She apologizes to Zhi Shu, but he replies, “dummy, you hit the ball” with a pleased smile. This cheers her up, and they begin again. She has a hard time getting near the ball, but she finally begins to hit it back (even though it’s out of bounds). Senior’s pride is starting to hurt. Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin are still losing dismally, but Zhi Shu encourages Xiang Qin with a mini pep talk and a fist pump.

She’s ready to fight with determination but cringes from her pain. She doesn’t give up — she only has to return one serve to win. She wields her racket like a magic girl (Moon Princess Halation!), and the ball comes flying, fast and furious. She chases it down and hits it before falling to the ground.

It drops just on the line between Zi Yu and Senior. Success! The Manga Club celebrates her victory while Xiang Qin struggles to stand. Zhi Shu comes running to her side. He asks her when she hurt her leg, and she tells him it was last night. He asks her why she didn’t say so earlier, and she says she didn’t say anything so they could compete. She really didn’t want him to have to wear women’s clothing. He calls out to the others that Xiang Qin injured her leg and they forfeit.

She says they still have a chance to win, but he reminds her that they already did. He tries to help her up. After looking left and right, he realizes that there is no other choice but to carry her. He picks her up and whisks her away like a knight in shining armor… or big white do-rag. Whatever.

This brings the Manga Club to tears. Xiang Qin wonders if God will be angry that she is starting to like Zhi Shu more and more.

Zhi Shu holds her hand as he helps Xiang Qin walk down the street. She wants them to go slowly as she hobbles, but he doesn’t have the patience. He starts to walk ahead, and she tries to catch up, limping rather pathetically. Zhi Shu offers to piggyback her and ends up carrying her home to her apartment, over, under, and yonder.

As he carries her through her complex, she gets up the nerve to ask him about Zi Yu’s confession. She wants to know how he replied, and he tells her that it’s none of her business. He turns the tables and asks about Hao Qian. She says that they were only discussing things together. She can’t find her key, and Zhi Shu discovers that the door is already unlocked. They go in to find an empty home and two strange men. Xiang Qin starts yelling, “thieves, thieves,” and Zhi Shu grabs his racket to defend them.

One of the men explains that he’s the realtor and tells them that Xiang Qin’s dad has already moved out. She tries to call him on her cell, but he doesn’t answer. Seeing no other choice, Zhi Shu has her hop back on to take her to his place. Awww, he’s nicer than he looks. Of course, he adds that if he left her there alone, his mom would definitely kill him once he got home. Nice cover. Xiang Qin is more than happy to be carried, but the lovliness of the moment is spoiled by the knowledge that this happiness might not last.

It’s dark when they arrive home. They are greeted at the door by a large red banner reading, “Welcome for Living Together Again.” Yu Shu comes out to hand out treats to the neighbors, and Mom comes rushing out as well. She entreats the neighbors to have some sweets, and she follows it up with a fireworks display. It’s totally overblown, true to Mom’s style.

Zhi Shu is looking pretty annoyed. Mom explains that their families will be living together again and tells Xiang Qin that she’s already prepared her room. Zhi Shu asks why they should be pushed around by their parents’ evil plans, but Mom says Zhi Shu is the one with an evil plan. She bursts out that he was the one who kissed Xiang Qin, and the look on his face is absolutely priceless.

After the initial shock, he puts on his grumpy face and stands behind Xiang Qin, practically shooting death rays with his eyes. Mom tells them to get ready to go to a restaurant to celebrate. Yu Shu asks his older brother if he actually kissed “that kind of person.” Mom swoops in and tells him not to call her “that kind of person” because she’s his future sister-in-law. She pulls Xiang Qin over to introduce her to the neighbors as her future daughter-in-law.

At Ah Cai’s restaurant, Jin is trying to find out what the celebration is for (his boss had told him not to come in, making him all the more suspecting). They try to get rid of him, but it’s too late. Jin runs to the door expecting it to be Xiang Qin, but Zhi Shu is the first to come in.

Ruh-oh. We’re in for a Jin freak-out session. Jin notices Xiang Qin’s injured ankle and accuses Zhi Shu of bullying her. The rest of the family comes in, and Jin is still giving Zhi Shu the 3rd degree. Xiang Qin pulls Zhi Shu away to go eat. Jin tries to deduce on his own why they are all there and concludes that it must be to celebrate the end of tennis training. Mom bursts his bubble, though, by saying that their families are living together again. Ah Cai gets up to cook some more dishes (to escape the situation), but Jin follows him, trying to get the details. He says that it’s no big deal, but the ever helpful Mom interjects that they are misunderstanding the situation. She announces to the world that Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu are doing so well together that they’ve already kissed.

Xiang Qin is pretty embarrassed, and Jin immediately concludes that Zhi Shu forced her. Xiang Qin is holding back Jin, who is demanding an explanation.

Zhi Shu says that he’ll explain, but he doesn’t want to see it on the lunch menu in the cafeteria. With Jin still trying to get at him past Xiang Qin, Zhi Shu tells him that Xiang Qin enjoyed it very much — she was blushing, and Jin wouldn’t believe how cute she was. Well, you and I both know that’s not how it actually happened. In any case, this is enough to devastate Jin, which is clearly the desired effect. Mom is happy to hear it, though. Zhi Shu flashes Xiang Qin a mischievous smile. She can’t face anyone.

Later that night, Xiang Qin is alone in her bedroom. She thinks that Zhi Shu must be very angry that the kiss has gone public, or he wouldn’t have said those things to deliberately hurt Jin.

Oh, honey, you overestimate his maturity. He may be a “genius,” but he’s still a boy. Anyway, she feels sorry for Jin but knows that love can’t be forced. She realizes that this applies to herself, too. She knows that their kiss doesn’t mean anything and that they don’t have a reason to live together—Auntie (aka Mom) is reading too much into things. Xiang Qin is afraid that, under these circumstances, Zhi Shu will hate her more and more.

The next day, Jin is a total mess. The lunch line is getting way long, and he is barely functioning. Customers are getting angry, but Jin just ignores them.

Zhi Shu is smart enough to be eating outside. Zi Yu comes to find him. She says that she’s not surprised that he’s been avoiding the cafeteria. Apparently, the news of his kiss with Xiang Qin has been the talk of the school for days.

Changing the subject, Zhi Shu asks if there was something she wanted. Zi Yu asks him to go see a movie with her over the weekend, and he turns her down flat. She asks if he really did kiss Xiang Qin. His eyes get really big, and he tells her that it’s none of her business. All the while, Senior Hao Qian is getting a bit closer in the background. Zi Yu asks Zhi Shu if Xiang Qin has been dating Hao Qian. She says that they seem sweet together and have been talking on the phone a lot. Zhi Shu grabs his things and takes off, looking annoyed.

Senior comes up behind Zi Yu and starts talking into his cell phone loudly to Xiang Qin—asking her how she is, implying that she misses him, setting up a date. It turns out that Xiang Qin really is on the other line. Pfff. That’s too funny. I thought he was just pretending.

Actually, it seems that she’s tired of fielding is phone calls, and she suggests that he just pretend to talk to her. Senior continues to follow Zi Yu around no matter which way she goes. It’s a bit too obvious that his intention is for her to overhear their conversation. Zi Yu is not at all impressed and tries to escape.

Senior really wants Xiang Qin to act out her end. Even though she’s annoyed, she still gives it a go. Plugging her nose to make a sickeningly sweet voice, Xiang Qin tells Senior that she misses him, too, and that her ankle doesn’t hurt while she’s thinking about him. Little does she know, Zhi Shu overhears her end of the conversation. Judging by his reaction, he doesn’t know that it’s just pretend. It’s funny that it has no effect on the intended target (Zi Yu), but it’s sure getting under Zhi Shu’s skin!

At home, Xiang Qin cooks with Mom. Mom deems Xiang Qin’s dish a success. It looks a bit better than usual, although it’s not exactly a piece of art. Yu Shu tries it and says that it’s a bit better than before. Zhi Shu gives it a try and deems it awful. Yu Shu, always trying to imitate his brother, agrees that it’s awful and even spits. Zhi Shu says he’s full and leaves the table. Yu Shu follows, but not before he can shovel more rice into his mouth. Mom supports Xiang Qin by taking a few more bites of her dish, but Xiang Qin looks pretty bummed. Little does she know, Zhi Shu’s petty behavior is spurred on by that previous misunderstanding. He’s definitely got a hive of bees in his bonnet.

While Xiang Qin takes her shower, she thinks that Zhi Shu hates her more every day. She gets out and reaches for her PJs, only to discover that her undies are missing. She peeks out into the hall to see them hanging from a finger, assuming it’s Auntie’s.

She is very taken aback to find that it’s Zhi Shu holding her underwear. He flings it towards her as she accuses him of taking her underwear. He says that she left them on the floor and that they look like a grade schooler’s underwear.

She defends herself by saying she usually wears red, silk ones, and he counters that he wouldn’t find her tempting even if she were in a black thong in the same bed as him. He tells her that she looks like an elementary schooler; the same front and back. Yikes, he’s vicious. That’s just below the belt, dude.

Xiang Qin asks if it’s fun to bully her and tells him to say things clearly. If he doesn’t like living with her, he should just say so. He says that the more he sees her, the angrier he gets and the more he wants to bully her. If she doesn’t want to be bullied, she shouldn’t show up in front of his face. He goes back to his room and sits down in a huff. Yu Shu asks him if he’s mad and guesses that it has to do with Xiang Qin. Zhi Shu thinks to himself that even Yu Shu can tell he’s mad at Xiang Qin, but he’s still not quite sure what his own problem is.

Genius  ≠  Self Awareness

The next day at Tennis Club, Zhi Shu beats the crap out of Senior (in the game sense). All of the girls are cheering for Zhi Shu, of course. Xiang Qin notices that Zhi Shu looks like he wants to kill someone today, almost as if he hates Senior Hao Qian.

Xiang Qin asks Zi Yu if she should be cheering for Hao Qian, since they were doubles partners. Zi Yu says no, since the competition is over already. She asks Xiang Qin if she should be cheering for Senior since they are dating now. Xiang Qin informs her that they aren’t dating. Zi Yu retorts that everyone knows about it. Xiang Qin tells her to stop spouting nonsense. Zi Yu starts shouting out to Hao Qian that Xiang Qin says “加油” and he looks so handsome on the court today.

Xiang Qin tries to shut her up and cheers out for Zhi Shu. Zhi Shu looks like he’s ready to deal the crushing blow. He launches a rocket right into Hao Qian’s face, who falls over with a nosebleed.

Xiang Qin runs to him, helping him up and handing him tissues for his nose. She is trying to make it so he doesn’t look so bad in front of Zi Yu, but the scene is entirely misconstrued by the club members, who see it as proof that they really are a couple. Xiang Qin tries to clear up the misunderstanding as Zhi Shu approaches the net in a serious thunder cloud. Xiang Qin and Senior stand as Zi Yu approaches Zhi Shu from behind.

He brings up the movie Zi Yu mentioned, saying he would like to go (all the while looking at Xiang Qin and Senior, not at Zi Yu). Zi Yu is really happy about it, so she’s not as smart as she thinks she is. Well, I guess book smart and matters of the heart smart are completely unrelated.

Zi Yu and Zhi Shu decide to meet on Sunday outside the movie theater. Xiang Qin starts hitting Senior, saying that it’s his fault this happened. He blames her for being clumsy, and she points out his uncool nosebleed. The other club members are impressed that their club has already produced two couples this season.

It’s Sunday (the day of fate), and Xiang Qin is walking happily down the street in a daydream. Ever since she first saw Zhi Shu, she wished that one day she could put on her favorite outfit and go to the movies on a date. She imagined meeting up with him — he’s been waiting for a while and is starting to get impatient, but she’ll say (cut to Zi Yu), “Zhi Shu, sorry. Did you wait long?” Xiang Qin looks on as Zi Yu lives out her fantasy. Senior comes up with popcorn and sodas, waking Xiang Qin from her reverie.

Zi Yu tells Zhi Shu that she wasn’t sure he would come. He flatly tells her that he doesn’t lie. He sees Hao Qian entertaining Xiang Qin with monkey noises out of the corner of his eye and half-heartedly tells Zi Yu that she looks pretty in her outfit. Zi Yu accepts the compliment with happiness, but Zhi Shu doesn’t let her finish enjoying it before he says it’s time to head in for the movie. Senior and Xiang Qin hurry after them.

The four of them aren’t the only ones at the movie theater today! Jin greets his two high school buddies outside the theater. They have come equipped with camera and binoculars. I can only imagine that they are there to play date interference.

Senior and Xiang Qin head into the dark theater, Senior out in front. Xiang Qin stumbles around, unable to see a thing. Rolling his eyes, Senior comes back for her. She apologizes, explaining that she has night blindness. She still has a problem finding him, accidentally sitting on someone else. Needless to say, she’s being so unsmooth that I’m not sure they could possibly go unnoticed by Zhi Shu and Zi Yu.

Meanwhile, Jin and his buddies are trying to figure out which movie Xiang Qin is seeing. Jin catches his friends staring at posters of an 18+ Japanese movie. His friends want to go, and they suggest that the bearded guy took Xiang Qin to see this type of movie. They should hurry to make sure he doesn’t put the moves on Xiang Qin.

In the other movie, Xiang Qin and Senior are sitting right behind Zi Yu and Zhi Shu. Zi Yu is slowly trying to put the moves on Zhi Shu by leaning her head on his shoulder. Xiang Qin intercepts by flinging her popcorn over Zi Yu’s head.

Zhi Shu and Zi Yu both turn around, but Xiang Qin and Senior are ducked behind their seats. The container of popcorn apologizes, saying the movie is just too touching. Zi Yu is on the edge of losing her composure, but it doesn’t discourage her too much. She dusts off the popcorn and goes back to making eyes at Zhi Shu. This time she gets a beverage on her lap.

Zi Yu stands up to shake off the beverage, and a disembodied hand offers her some tissues to clean it up. Zhi Shu tells her to sit back down because she’s blocking other people. He doesn’t move to help her at all. Senior points out to Xiang Qin that it’s a little too mean to Zi Yu.

Apparently their movie is a tear jerker. Misty-eyed Zi Yu looks over to a blank-faced Zhi Shu. The camera pans back to show Xiang Qin longingly watching Zhi Shu. She probably hasn’t taken in the movie at all. Meanwhile, most of the audience members are holding a tissue. In a funny twist, the scene switches over to the theater with Jin and his friends, where Jin’s nose has started to bleed.

He is wondering how the bearded guy could take Xiang Qin to such a movie (Jin, you goober). His friends make a rukus getting him some tissues, and the people in the theater turn around to stare. They look like they all mostly middle-aged men wearing ballcaps.

After the movie is over, Senior and Xiang Qin stealthily enter a café where Zi Yu and Zhi Shu are sharing a pot of tea.

Zi Yu says that the movie was touching and that it would be wonderful if all the lonely people in the world could find love. Zhi Shu says he doesn’t believe in true love and that all love has a reason. If love was simple, there wouldn’t be lonely people.

Senior and Xiang Qin are trying to get a closer look (instant comic relief). Zi Yu says that Zhi Shu is so loved, he should be the least lonely person in the world. Zi Yu tells him that she’s heard rumors about him since she was in middle school. She says that she did everything she could to get into the same university as him (okay, now you’re a stalker. Save that one for the honeymoon). Zhi Shu asks her why she had to attend the same university as him, and she says that she likes intelligent people, and he’s the smartest person she knows. Amazingly, her attitude towards others is even more condescending than his. Either that, or she’s playing it up because she thinks that’s what he wants to hear.

She changes the subject to ask him about his future plans—if he’ll continue his education or go to work for his family’s business. Zhi Shu says that he hasn’t thought about it yet. Zi Yu says there’s not much he can’t do, so it’s a bit too early to restrict his possiblilites. Just then, Senior’s phone rings on the other side of the restaurant, and he heads for the door. Xiang Qin is still crouched there, and by now she’s definitely caught Zhi Shu’s attention.

Zi Yu calls his attention back to her and asks him what kind of girl he likes. He responds that it’s the same as every guy: pretty, good body, poised, and must be able to cook (by now, he’s definitely saying it for Xiang Qin to hear – he turns to look right at her as he says it). Zi Yu tells him that she can cook pretty well, so that makes them a pretty good match.

Senior takes the phone call outside of the café. He describes himself, although he is having a hard time describing his braided hair to the person on the other end. He says that he’ll be with his girlfriend who has long hair and is very beautiful, wearing white on top and a pink skirt on bottom.

End of Episode

What a cliff hanger! Yeah, the episode endings seem arbitrary…because they are. Depending on the network, the episodes were chopped up a little differently. Basically, this story is one long episode without clear lines for stopping and starting.

So…Episode 8 was pretty fun! There is definitely some progress between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin, but the biggest problem is that Zhi Shu doesn’t know it yet! We know where his anger comes from, but that’s beside the point. He’s a bit clueless and way too proud to realize that he wants Xiang Qin all to himself. It’s fabulous to see him treating Xiang Qin so well, though! She clearly brings out the best (and the worst) in him.

In spite of the overall plot concept, which is either your cup of tea or not your cup of tea, I still hold this to be the best Taiwanese rom-com drama I’ve seen to date (and I’ve seen ’em all). The chemistry between Ariel and Joe is famous for a reason! That, and I believe that the production is very good. They use light, color, and music to make this drama pleasing to the senses. It seems that no detail was just thrown in there.

My biggest disappointment is Zi Yu. Not Tiffany, mind you. She’s doing her job just fine. It’s just that Zi Yu is highly ineffective as an antagonist. She’s so weak because, even though she’s annoying, you can tell that Zhi Shu has no feelings for her. It’s pretty hard to tell what Zhi Shu is thinking or feeling because the drama is pretty much Xiang Qin’s perspective, but his actions speak volumes throughout this entire episode, and it’s Zi Yu who doesn’t stand a chance against Xiang Qin.


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    Sorry to interrupt on your busy days. Just Wanna ask. How do you put clickable links on your post/pages?

    Because when i’m trying to put link on my page on my own website it doesn’t work. it suddenly disappears after saving.

    And I really like your recaps after reading it again and again i realized that it is very detailed 😉


    • Hahahaha! Well, thank you!
      Hmmmm… clickable links? I wonder… do you mean the links I add to external sites? For example, if I want to link to info on Wikipedia, I just highlight a word and click the link icon. I usually select the box that reads “open link in new window,” add the html of the site I’m linking to, and it works just fine. 🙂 Do you use wordpress?

      • Yup, I’m using wordpress! Thank you! It worked out. You’re really helpful, and friendly! Thanks Lalalychee.

      • Hi.. May I ask what episode did xiang qin told zhi shu that he can be a doctor? Thank you..

  3. wow!..your recAp is really great!..i am loOking forward for your next episodE recAp!..i’ve misseD soME of the episodEs in tV And id like to knOW The story in advance throuGh your recAp for it is curRently airing in gma7 nOW..please coNtinue…:)

    • Right??? I’m planning to do the rest, but they are mega mondo time consuming. However, it makes me happy to know people are enjoying them, and I’m encouraged to keep going! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Your recaps are the best. I watch the episodes in Chinese to practice my reading and listening but there’s a lot I miss and your recap fills in those gaps!

  5. please, please, please continue your recaps, you don’t know how much it brightens my day 😀
    … waah, i just love your recaps, especially the pictures… i feel like i’m watching the episodes!!! thank you so much.. 😀

  6. I really enjoyed reading these.. love your recaps.. Please make them for the other episodes. Please please please! Thankies! Lovelots!

  7. I’m rewatcjing ISWAK and came across your blog because I warned to discuss with a fan ISWAK again lol. I’m surprised you still respond to comments even after the blog has been hiatus for 4 years!

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