Hi, friends! I’m happy to see that more and more people are visiting my sleepy site! Hmmm… I really need to post more recaps! I’m falling behind. xD



Hi, folks! I haven’t abandoned lovelovedrama! Things are pretty busy.
Ep. 8 recap will be up within a few weeks. Man, these episodes are long. Are you enjoying it, though?

(; ~lalalychee


Announcing: Recap Week!

Welcome to recap week here at lovelovedrama. You may be asking yourself… does she do anything but recaps? The answer is: not yet.

Anyway, for various reasons (work and lack of comments, mostly), I’ve been slacking in the ISWAK recap department. BUT! This week, I will make you a promise I 100% intend to keep: ISWAK episode 6 and 7 recaps and Love Shuffle episode 1 recap.

Look out, it’s gonna be wild and crazy! ;D